To accelerate students’ holistic and academic performance, building their confidence, improving their grades, and developing their positive attitudes toward life-long learning.


To utilize the Little Mountain Advantage to become the most effective after school academy in Canada.


We are blessed to be educators. Our passion lies in supporting children in their academic and emotional growth, enabling them to become the best they can be. We provide a safe learning environment for every child, while respecting and working to develop each child’s unique abilities and character. We work tirelessly to meet and exceed our families’ expectations and greatly appreciate the trust our families have placed in us. We share in the common goal of providing the best possible learning outcomes for children and educational advice for families.


  • • To provide an equal opportunity work environment built on trust, cooperation, and tolerance.
  • • We embrace all cultures and recognize that cultural values are different and require an open mind to learn from and understand; while making life experiences richer and more rewarding.
  • • We embrace supporting each other and our students through positive coaching and communication.


We are here to support our community. We do this, primarily, through the education of children and youth. Our importance grows out of our success in helping children and families adapt to, and succeed within, the educational system in Canada in order to achieve their academic goals.


Moving beyond memorization and recall with the creative and effective delivery of our in-house curriculum, technologies and multimedia. Little Mountain delivers literacy based classroom lessons, tutorial and STEAM classes that enables students to explore their own learning strengths. Students academic and holistic learning ability grows supporting them to increase their confidence, motivation, grades and overall academic performance and happiness.