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    Letters to the Korean Ferry Disaster

    As an English Language Arts teacher, I not only teach students about writing conventions and literacy devices, I teach about compassion and solidarity. On April 16th, 2014, much sadness shook the world when the Sewol ferry capsized, carrying mostly high school students. On this day, and for the weeks following, the students at Little Mountain Learning Academy met the prescribed learning outcomes set by the BC curriculum by writings letters and creating presentations about the event, but more importantly, they learned about compassion, solidarity, media bias, politics, safety over profit, hope and empathy. On May 5th, Little Mountain Learning Academy participated in a national display of support to mourn over 200 Korea ferry victims. The students spoke about how when others suffer, we also suffer. They tied ribbons of hope and wrote letters explaining that although they live far away, they still care. The students sent their letters to news agencies and schools in Korea to let them know that the distance between us and them is nothing for we are all one. Much learning was happening because the students were self directed, and self motivated. The students were actively involved in real life issues. This is the epitome of education.

    Here are some of the letters that my students wrote to Korea.


    Why we care?

    We care about the ferry disaster because it is related to our family and it is a significant disaster that happened in Korea. This disaster is related to our family because some of my family members are still living in Korea and their friends could have died. Not only that, but also this ferry disaster is relevant because a lot of young student died and it shouldn’t happen again. We have had this kind of situation more than 3 times. Namely, Korea made this shopping mall and it eventually collapsed. Furthermore, they added a building on top of a building and it ended up collapsing. Accordingly, we care about this ferry disaster since it is related to our family and it is a significant disaster that should not happen again in Korea.

    I care because it is a big problem and even though We are far away or even if some of us may not be from Korea, we are all people and we are all the same. This is a worldwide problem and I also care because many families are depressed about their kids dying and other parents would feel the same. We care because their were many kids and students that died. Those students would have been terrified. 200-300 people died and it also gives Korea and Korean people struggles.

    Dear Family,

    My name is Mindy and I live in Canada. Although I am far away I feel very sorry for what happened. I hope that more and more p

    eople will be found in future days and I also hope that there will be something done in the future to comfort you. I hope that even if someone you love is not right beside you take some courage and find happiness.

    With lots of hope and love, Mindy