Core English Program

Core English Programs at Little Mountain Learning Academy (LMLA) offer something largely unavailable at typically tutorial based after school academies.

Tutoring Services

The New Tutoring Services at LMLA offer students opportunities to improve upon specific areas of weakness or target certain areas for even greater strength.

STEAM Program

Little Mountain’s STEAM program aims to empower students to combine both creative and critical thought processes through project-based learning.

News : A complimentary STEAM workshop will be held on November 30, 2019

Learn about this innovative program around the world

Little Mountain will hold a free STEAM workshop on November 30th, Saturday, from 2:00pm to 3:00 pm! Since the seat is limited, please fill out the contact form for sign up for the workshop as soon as possible.

In the workshop, you will learn about how students in Little Mountain STEAM program will develop the transferable skills of independent inquiry, logical processing, problem-solving, and critical thinking in the real world by engaging in design projects that require skills from multiple academic disciplines including Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

Looking forward to seeing you at the STEAM workshop!


How has Little Mountain changed your child?

Let’s hear what our parents have to say about their child’s experience here!

"Little Mountain Learning Academy helps Lucy gain confidence in her school and communicate with local students and teachers way better than before. This after-school class also helps her build up the habit of writing journals everyday." - Qin Qin

"As a newcomer to Vancouver, Christina's English level has become an obstacle for her to improve all academic skills at school despite having academic success in China. After studying in Little Mountain Learning Academy, she has become active in her daily life." - Jasmine

Registration Process

Step 1
Schedule an Assessment
Step 2
Assessment & Post-assessment Consultation
Step 3
Program Registration

Little Mountain Advantage

What makes Little Mountain Learning Academy different?

Transformative Learning, Real-World Achievement
The Little Mountain Advantage enables students participating in the full measure of LM Programs: Core English Program, Tutoring Service and STEAM program to receive an education built upon the strongest foundation possible. We are the exclusive curriculum developer for smrt Kids and smrt Youth. The courses are now fully complete and deployment of the program in many schools has begun.

An investment in Little Mountain for your child is an important investment in their future happiness and success as well as the success of our society.

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