What has been the greatest change in your child since attending Little Mountain Learning Academy?

Aubrey & Sophia’s Parent – Erin

Aubrey felt bored, uninspired, and unchallenged in her regular school day classes. She wanted to improve her writing skills in English and needed specific, direct instruction on how to accomplish this. Her presentation skills were weak and she was unable to clearly articulate her thoughts. She needed a small class environment where she would gain confidence and receive personal support.

Sophia, on the other hand, is in French Immersion and was struggling with her English reading and writing skills. She was performing below grade level in both of these crucial areas. She was unmotivated and uninterested in reading or her homework.

Since they started attending Little Mountain Learning Academy 2 years ago, Aubrey’s school anxiety has completely vanished, and Sophia is no longer disengaged from her learning and is an active participant.

Aubrey is currently studying in Literature & Composition (Rooster Stream). Her teacher was able to coach Aubrey through the application process working toward an I.B. program, and taught the class how to write formal letters;, introducing themselves and explaining their accomplishments and educational hopes for the future. Aubrey mentioned that the only writing she does in school is answering comprehension questions. At Little Mountain the students are given the opportunity to learn a greater variety of writing styles, for example essay writing, timed journal entries, personal literature responses, etc. As a result, Aubrey’s English mark has moved from a B to an A because her writing has improved.

Sophia is currently in Academic Reading and Writing Program (Deer Stream). She now does her own homework and heads to school prepared. She reads for pleasure and happily discusses her literature. She has become a confident reader and is in stride with her classmates. Her report card has improved and she no longer feels like a badly performing student.

We have found that Little Mountain Learning Academy has filled a gap in my daughters’ learning. Little Mountain reflects a very high standard of learning and they are in sync with what the children need to succeed in their programs at school. The teachers motivate students through fun engaging activities. They expect the students to come to class ready to learn and hold them to a high standard. I am also happy with the amount of attention and personal explanation my children received, which resulted in improved output in all of their school assignments. Both of my daughters are happy and engaged in their own learning and were always excited to go.

Emanuel’s Parent – Paula

Emanuel did not have a particular academic challenge before we joined Little Mountain Learning Academy more than 3 years ago. I wanted him to start reading by the time he entered kindergarten. However, I realized I did not know how to teach him to read as I did not have a system to follow.

Emanuel started in Academic Reading & Writing (Gr1-4) (Hare Stream), and now is studying in Academic Reading and Writing Program (Deer Stream).

I have definitely seen big progress in Emanuel’s reading and writing. He is engaged in class despite the challenges. The teachers are always engaging, provide feedback to the parents so that I can understand the logic of the program structure. It is very well designed. 

I also value the excellent customer service and flexibility from the front desk, always trying to accommodate parents’ needs.

For me, Little Mountain Learning Academy is the one place where my son feels challenged and stretched. It is not always easy to finish the homework and to keep up with the class activities, but at the same time, this is where I see him growing consistently.

Oskar & Matylda’s Parent – Jan

Our children have been studying at Little Mountain Learning Academy for more than three years. Because English is not a language we speak at home, our kids were not fully comfortable in an English speaking environment. I wanted to improve our kids’ ability to speak, read and write in English.

After attending Early Literacy (Butterfly Stream) and Academic Reading & Writing (Gr1-4)(Hare Stream) Programs, our children have shown significant improvement in their English language skills. They are now happily reading English books on their own, and fully engaged in their learning. 

I value the professionalism of the teachers and their commitment to our kids’ learning. I am happy to see steady progress through encouragement of good work, and visible advances in our kids’ English language skills.

Angel’s Parent – Helen

Angel has been studying at Little Mountain Learning Academy for one year. We were looking for an English program where she can improve writing skills and practice critical thinking.

The reason why we decided to enrol Angel in Little Mountain Learning Academy is because we love the spacious facility, wonderful teachers, and the program offering which absolutely met all our requirements.

Angel is now studying in Literature & Composition (Rooster Stream). I am very satisfied with her teacher. She is knowledgeable, unique and funny who always tries to keep everyone in enthusiasm while they are learning.

I value the personal guidance teachers give to students, helping each student pursue what is best for themselves. I am happy to see that Angel is becoming more confident in writing, and in herself.