summer camp

UBC Cultural Summer Camp


UBC Cultural Summer Camp has been a student-centred special curriculum for the past 10 years to meet students’ needs. The class is organized according to the age and language ability of the students, and a class consists of a small number of 6-8 students. The program themes consist of five themes, five days a week, including education, sports, experience, culture, and life. There are excursions around tourist attractions on weekends. The morning classes and afternoon activities are all closely related to the subject of the day and lead to practical activities after preparing the knowledge.

Age Group:

8-15 years old

Camp Period:

July 25th-August 8th, 2019

Accommodation :

UBC Dormitory: 1-person or 2-person standard room


Breakfast – UBC Dormitory Cafeteria

Lunch & Dinner – Asian, Western style


Classroom classes are 1:8 ratio between teachers and students, and camp staff manage the safety of students 24 hours a day, including other dormitory and outdoor activities. In the afternoon, Canadian college students (or elementary and secondary school students of similar age) group together with camp students at a 1:4 ratio to practice English and to coordinate outdoor activities.


1) Campers mainly use Canadian government approved school buses and public transportation.

2) Campers stay in the safest accommodation in UBC dormitory.

3) Staff manage dormitory life and general activities 24 hours a day.

4) The camp photos and videos are updated to parents daily and students communicate with parents regularly after dinner.

5) Travel insurance is included.

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