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English Provincial Exam Preparation


Little Mountain offers a series of Test Preparation intensive classes for students wishing guided development in the skills and methods required to succeed for a specific exam.


The BC English 12 Provincial exam is challenging as it requires students to not only read multiple texts but to deconstruct them and discuss literary elements. The test requires an extensive understanding of core English Language Arts terms and requirements. Learning how to successfully work within rigorous time constraints and to successfully write about the given texts is the goal of our English 12 Provincial Exam Preparation Course. Students who successfully complete the Provincial Exam course will be well-versed in the language, structure, and expectations of the Provincial Exam. They will be able to read to provide a well-rounded literary analysis as well as choose an appropriate mode of discourse with which to respond to open, theme-based questions. Skills developed in the course will also give students the confidence to express themselves with style and concision in multiple writing formats.


  • • Text: retrieve information, recognize meaning, interpret texts, analyze texts in a variety of genres; build confidence reading texts in a variety of formats (poetry, drama, short story, newspaper and magazine articles).
  • • Vocabulary: literary devices; exam-specific command words; the language of the Provincial exam.
  • • Composition: stand-alone and synthesis literary responses; theme-based compositions in the various modes of discourse.
  • • Exam skills: understand the structure and expectations of the exam; practice performing under pressure in a timed environment.

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