online learning

Little Mountain Prime Online


Little Mountain Learning Academy now offers premium online learning called “Little Mountain Prime Online”. This premium offering provides:


  • • Little Mountain qualified teachers provide instruction to students in a 1:1 private class format
  • • Little Mountain teaching methods
  • • Little Mountain curriculum which meets North American English literacy and language arts course guidelines
  • • Project-based learning
  • • Efficient short classes that are intensive in nature


This program is ideal for students:


  • • Returning to their home country and wanting to continue to improve their English and academic skills.
  • • Unable to come to Little Mountain for classes.
  • • Students who come to Little Mountain but want to also accelerate their learning with an additional 1-1 online class each week
  • • Parents and students that recognize that on-line learning will continue to grow in importance and want to invest in their child’s capability to learn effectively online in advance of their peers.

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