SSAT test prep

SSAT Test Prep

Little Mountain offers a series of Test Preparation intensive classes for students wishing guided development in the skills and methods required to succeed for a specific exam.


This SSAT class focuses on students current knowledge and skills and builds on it. In this class students will be exposed to different learning styles to grasp as much information as possible in a period of time and improve their time management skills on the exam. The students are evaluated with personalized tests and homework; catered to their grade level, education history, and academic needs.


This is an all-inclusive course and will cover all topics, Math and English in the realm of the SSAT, with a focus on essay writing. This class will teach the students to master the art of practicing a topic to perfection. Students will also learn a plethora of test taking techniques and strategies to maximize their score. The course will diminish the gap between your child’s current school learning and SSAT’s academic requirements.


  • • Quantitative: apply learned arithmetic, algebra, and geometry to solve problems.
  • • Verbal: develop vocabulary, verbal reasoning, logical thought-processing skills.
  • • Reading: practice recall and comprehension of reading samples, identify literary elements, analyze analogies.
  • • Writing: craft responses to set topic statements.
  • • Exam skills: understand the structure and expectations of the exam; practice performing under pressure in a timed environment.

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