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Tutoring Service – English


Little Mountain’s range of tutoring services aim to support our students in building various skills to support their academic journey. Through individualized resources and pacing, students are encouraged to progress rapidly through key English skills in order to strengthen their foundations and progress towards mastery. Depending on the level and individual needs of the student, they will be provided with high-quality resources to develop their; phonics skills, spelling accuracy, reading comprehension and/or writing skills. In small groups of a maximum of three, each student is given personalized support from their teacher to ensure that a solid understanding of different concepts is achieved. Regular assessment and feedback ensure each student is always supported and challenged, while being fully aware of how they can develop further.

Program Highlights



Kindergarten - Grade 2


  • • For students whose schedules do not enable them to attend our Early Literacy program.
  • • Systematic Phonics instruction
  • • Clear, age-appropriate in-house designed workbook activities
  • • Enhanced reading and spelling accuracy
  • • Writing activities to support the application of learned sounds
  • • Sentence punctuation and vocabulary acquisition

ESL Phonics


Grade 3+


  • • For students who are part of our ESL classes and require a phonics booster in order to reach further success.
  • • Support in early reading and spelling
  • • Develop a strong phonological understanding of English
  • • Practice in reading and spelling CVC, long vowel and consonant blends within words
  • • Encourages greater success and independence within our ESL Stream classes

Skills Booster


Grade 3+

Reading | Spelling | Writing | Grammar&Vocabulary

  • • For students who require a specific booster in order to reach further success.
  • • Personalized activities to target areas of difficulty
  • • Specific skill development
  • • Regular assessment and feedback
  • • Students can choose the boosters which would best suit their needs
  • • Encourages greater success and independence within all of our Core English Classes

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