smrt English – Exclusive Curriculum Developer

LMLA is the exclusive curriculum developer of smrt Kids and smrt Youth. This curriculum has been adopted by the West Vancouver school district and various schools around the world. CEB is a private school in Mexico using the Kids and Youth Curriculum and receiving LMLA teacher training. Please contact LMLA or smrt Inc to find out more about the smrt curriculum.

Little Mountain Learning Academy brings digital technology to the classroom in a safe and easy to use manner with the smrt curriculum. Students become more proficient at working with technology while rapidly improving their English language fluency, grammar and related skills supporting them to move beyond ESL with a comprehensive skill set.

smrt is an innovative platform for the online distribution of premium ESL curriculum content for schools around the world. Over the past few years years LMLA has been exclusively developing the smrt Kids and smrt Youth curriculum.  This means that teachers are able to utilise the comprehensive lesson plans, with embedded methodology, to deliver a curriculum and platform that receive continuous improvement and upgrades to meet the developing needs of our students.

Partners for Little Mountain Schools in Asia:

Little Mountain Learning Academy is currently seeking partners for schools in Asia. The opportunity is for partners to own a Little Mountain Education school in Asia. Considerable support is provided, including:

  • • Managerial training and support
  • • Marketing
  • • K-12 Curriculum
  • • Teacher training
  • • Teacher recruitment

To find out more, please contact Ryan Tierney

Referral Partners

Please direct any requests to become an LMLA student referral partner to Ryan Tierney at