Holistic English Program

summer intensive

Holistic English Programs at Little Mountain Learning Academy (LMLA) offer something largely unavailable at typically tutorial based after school academies. Our foundation has been built upon a holistic classroom rather than a tutorial model of education. To be successful, this requires an integrative curriculum providing attention to all subject areas: Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing, Speaking and Listening. LMLA has been building its own in house curriculum since 2004. We provide a holistic educational environment which enables students to actively participate in their own learning within a small class, receiving substantial teacher attention.


A holistic educational model supports deep core academic and leadership skills development in the areas of:


  • • English Language Skills
  • • Project-Based Learning (PBL)
  • • Collaborative Teamwork
  • • Critical Thinking
  • • Creative Expression
  • • Presentation Skills

These skills have been identified by the United Nations in their 21st century educational model for maximum education and human capital development. Through these key skills students are able to cultivate a passion for life-long learning, become highly capable at working in productive teams and be able to manage high levels of ambiguity and rapid change.