Tutoring Services

spring break intensive

The New Tutoring Services at LMLA offer students opportunities to improve upon specific areas of weakness or target certain areas for even greater strength. Our tutoring program remains in the small classroom environment, not in shared open space as is the case in many other academies, LMLA deploys expertly created 3rd party curriculum, utilized by teachers and students to target specific skill development in areas such as:


  • • Phonics
  • • Writing
  • • Grammar
  • • Reading
  • • Study skills
  • • Homework Help
  • • Math

Throughout our tutoring services, students receive continuous assessment and focus on, individualized goal and  progress.


Parents receive greater reporting on their child’s progress, aided by opportunities to test students upon their accuracy on a routine basis. By adding the tutoring program to LMLA’s core English programs, students and parents will see more rapid improvement in day school grades and the overall confidence of their children.