Student Projects

  • butterfly program

    Introductions and Digraphs

    Our B2 class introduces themselves and gives us a preview of their phonics time. The students worked on different digraphs this week, including th, ch, wh and sh. The students also sing their favourite song, “Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”.     September 23 2016 / Teacher: Sandra Tsang

  • tips for school success

    Five Tips to Meet Success at School

    After reading a selection of articles on tips to survive the school year, the students were asked to write their own informal essays highlighting five points that must be considered to meet success. These informal essays were recorded to pre-assess their presentation/speaking skills.

  • fish program

    Making our own games!

    For the final unit of the term, the students learned about different kinds of games and how to play them. For their final project, the students were asked to partner up and create an original game that they can share with the class.  

  • hare program

    Diorama Project

    This project involved a research component and a diorama component. Students picked an animal each and found information online about this animal – size, weight, diet, as well as why the animal is endangered and how we can help.    

  • butterfly program

    Friendship Soup: Cooking up Friendships

    The Butterfly students spent a class learning about and discussing friendship. The students learned new vocabulary words associated with friendship, and wrote about what they think is important in friendship. The activity taught students about the many different components of friendship. The students also worked on teamwork, and encouraging their friends in the class to …

  • hare program

    Friendship Soup

    The students discussed what they think is important and meaningful in a friendship. They wrote ‘ingredients’ to make a ‘friendship soup’, which is a metaphor to their own friendships. The girls made a powerpoint presentation and presented it in class. I am really proud of the girls’ hard work and effort with this project.