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    Spoken Word Letters to Future Generations

    As an educator, I view the world around me through a teacher lens. All events, articles, conversations, and experiences become possible classroom lesson opportunities. Recently, whist scrolling through a social networking site, I stumbled upon a beautiful spoken word video. The video was created by Prince EA, a rapper and activist, and was released on Earth Day to educate viewers on deforestation. Prince EA, creatively and effectively speaks to future generations to apologize for the harmful choices individuals, communities, governments and countries make in the name of profit. Not only did I enjoy the video, but I instantly thought about how to share this powerful message with my students.

    spoken word letters to future generation

    The students were asked to watch the video and to create their own spoken word letters to future generations. This activity required the students to write a poetic letter with the intention of it being read aloud. The students learned about the importance of a creative delivery and careful word selection. The students discussed possible topics to address such as education, the environment, politics, and technology. The students were asked to apologize for the errors of these systems and for the harm the systems are advertently or inadvertently creating. Students could offer solutions to correct the problems and highlight hope for a better future.

    The students were then asked to record their pieces. The students were given lessons  on how to edit the audio and to mix in background sounds or music in order to create  a unified and highly effective spoken word piece. This one lesson integrated multiple  learning experiences, but more importantly it allowed students to showcase their  hard work and to be proud of their creations. It is my hope that with this lesson, the  students also became inspired to cultivate change and hope.

    Dear future generations, we at Little Mountain Learning Academy, are working  hard to make the world a better place.

    Listen to students’ spoken word letters (Click Here).

    By Jacqueline Stewart