Charlotte Fesnoux Teacher

Charlotte spent much of her youth exploring the natural environment around her. Moving to BC in 2006 she pursued her passion for nature and obtained a BA in Environmental Geography from SFU where she focussed on sustainable food systems. When the opportunity presented itself in 2014, Charlotte moved to Indonesia where she spent 6-months co-teaching at the Green School in Bali. This exceptional experience ignited her path to become an educator and facilitator. Since then she has obtained her teaching certification from UBC, been a member of the Little Mountain team (2014-15), taught at King George Secondary School in DT Vancouver, and most recently, has once again experienced the magic of Green School.

Her area of expertise is immersive and authentic project-based learning, where students learn by ‘doing’, working as a team on sustainable community projects of their choosing.

She believes that the world presents rich learning opportunities, and that education can take place anywhere and at any time. She sees the role of the educator as a facilitator, inspiring curiosity and wonderment while also helping to guide students through the process of how to learn.