Georgina Stiff Teacher

Georgie grew up in busy and dynamic Melbourne, Australia. With both her parents as teachers, she has grown up with a love of learning and a passion for teaching. Georgie completed her Bachelor of Arts with a major in History in 2011 and then completed her Masters in Education, with a specialization in Early Childhood Education in 2013.

Whilst studying, Georgie completed school placements in a German/English bilingual school. She began to see the benefits that bilingual education settings can have on learning and was eager to continue teaching in that environment. She secured a teaching position in a French/English bilingual school in Melbourne, and taught English for four years to students in grade 1 and 2. As a team leader, Georgie was passionate about best practice teaching, discovering new and successful ways to optimize learning, and catering for student well-being.

Georgie believes in an explicit, targeted, hands-on and visual approach to learning where children are actively engaged and involved in the learning process. She remains an advocate for student well-being and inclusive education. Providing a sense of belonging and teaching growth-mindset strategies, allows children to feel safe and to take risks in their learning. Georgie understands the importance of positive reinforcement, and the impact that encouragement and motivation can have on young learners in the classroom.