James Dibb Teacher

James grew up in Yorkshire, England. After studying language acquisition theories, he soon developed a passion for language learning, and the study of language learners themselves. He completed a BA in English Language, followed by an MA in Psycholinguistics. His main area of research was bilingualism and second language acquisition, and the interaction of two or more languages in the brain. He also holds a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from a UK University.

James first started teaching English language and literature in 2014 in England. Working in a challenging school with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds, he learned the importance of having good relationships with students and building a positive atmosphere in the classroom where all students feel at home. James encourages students with positive reinforcement to become more confident and curious, thus growing as learners. 

A winter sport enthusiast, James enjoys spending free time snowboarding in the mountains around Vancouver or at the hockey rink.